You must have in place fire detection and warning systems.You may need differant types of detectors depending on the type of building and the work being carried out in it.Here at SoS we can provide mains powered fire alarm systems or servicing of existing system.Also we can provide installation or servicing of wireless/bespoke fire alarm systems.All contractors used by SoS are NSI accredited guaranteeing that the quality of workmanship is to the highest standard possible.


In the uk arround 80% of all fire deaths and injuries occur in dwellings.A total of 450-500 deaths and 14000 injuries per annum according to BS 5839-6:2004.The installation of a fire detection and alarm system can greatly reduce the risk of death or serious injury from fire.There are 3 times more deaths when there is no smoke detector or where it is not working compared to dwellings where a fully functioning smoke detector is fitted.Here at SoS we can supply smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to your requirements all fitted free of charge.

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